Zomato order canceled because the delivery boy was muslim !


How much hatred among the communities is increasing in the society once again . A person named Pandit Amit Shukla on the online food (food) website, Zomato, ordered food and when he came to know through the message that a Muslim delivery boy was coming out with his food order , he asked to change the delivery boy from zomato. When zomato  refused, then Amit Shukla canceled the order and demanded a refund from zomato. The zomato  company refused to refund, after which the dispute started only on the social media.
Amit Shukla, sharing this sentence on Twitter, wrote that, I immediately canceled my order on zomato as he was sending a food by non-Hindu and refused to change the delivery boy too. I told them that they can not pressure me to eat like this and I do not need any refund.