Zee News sent a defamation notice of Rs 1000 crore against Congress leader Navjyot Singh Sidhu


Zee News sent a defamation notice of Rs 1000 crore against Congress leader Navjyot Singh Sidhu for making false allegations against Z Media The notice clearly states that legal action will be taken against Siddhu if he does not want to apologize. ‘Zindabad Zindabad’ slogan was inaugurated at Sidhur meeting in Rajasthan. Jee News broadcast the video of that part of the meeting. Sidhu’s legal notice was sent to the respective case.

Navjyot Singh Sidhu was speaking at the election meeting in Alwar, Rajasthan. At that meeting, ‘Zindabad Pakistan’ slogan The news of the anti-national news broadcasts has been broadcast. Then Sidhu has made a false allegation against Zee News.

In this incident, the Election Commission has submitted all the documents against Punjab Congress minister Sidhu and several other Congress leaders. Among them are Congress spokesman Ranip Singh Surjewala and Congress leader Karan Singh Yadav. The chargesheet has been mentioned that Congress leaders have violated election code of conduct by encouraging anti-state power to slogan anti-national slogans. Zee News has demanded a probe against Congress leaders Facebook live video and other videos have been submitted to the Election Commission

Broadcasted news of G News shows that some people are giving slogans ‘Zindabad Pakistan’ at Sidhur’s meeting. Congress ridiculed the claim that the video was hoaxed. Sidhu warned against taking legal action against Jee News.

Congress leaders publish another video. But Congress leaders excluded that part from that video. Congress spokesman Ranadip Surjewala tweeted the taxpayer video and claimed that the ‘Sath Shree Akal’ slogan was given at Sidhur’s meeting. Chief Editor of News News Sudhir Chowdhury challenged the demand of Congress. He proves that the Congress tweeted the video by cutting it. But the real video has been heard in ‘Zindabad Pakistan’ slogan.