You will need to pay money to view special content on Facebook


The end of the free day. From now on you will need money to view special content on Facebook. This new rule is going on experimental.

Comedy from football, cookbooks from studies – There are many such groups on Facebook. You must follow some of these groups. Then it may be bad news for you.

In a few types of groups, to see specific exclusively content, the members of the group will have to see it. This rule is being introduced primarily in private groups on cooking, child rearing, cleaning of houses, etc.

However, this is not the case for too much of the group, said Facebook Product Management Director Alex Dave.

In this new rule, the group administrators will get the opportunity to ask for more than 2 thousand rupees per month. Only if someone gives this money can see that particular picture or video.

So be careful now. Stay away from those types of groups to avoid costs. Find out on the Internet, whether the same thing is available elsewhere.