Within a day of inauguration, the Vande Express got stuck in the middle.


This problem was reported by the Railways due to mechanical fault. Train stopped at about 200 kilometers away from the capital on Saturday morning. The train passengers were soon sent to the destination in two other trains. This train was developed in Chennai’s Integral Coach Factory with advanced technology called ‘Train 18’. His new name is ‘Bande Bharat’. The blue-white train was set to leave for Varanasi at 11.18 am after the inauguration on Saturday.

According to the railway sources, the speed of the train decreased at around 5 am on Saturday morning at Chamrola station. The speed of the train was just 10 kilometers per hour. Besides smoke may also be seen from inside the train. The train breaks in a while. Railway engineers said the smoke was out due to internal mechanical errors. Later, the train was taken to a nearby carshade.