Who are more girls or boys to pick up selfie?


There is no one older than the child, who does not like to see his picture. And the new association of self-complacency is called Selfie. The young generation is busy talking to the cellphones in words. There has been a lot of research on cellphones. It has been said, more than girls, Selfie makes more!

Recently, the information related to the International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction Cells was highlighted. In this study, 400 students of 20 year olds were executed. As a result, it is said that excessive addiction is a disease of self-infliction.

Studies have shown that, usually make cellphones to attract others’ attention, to gain popularity, to do good mood, to gain social status or to tell about themselves. People with 55 percent of ‘cellphones’ make up about 4 cellphones a day.

Let’s come here in statistics, with whom many boys can disagree and shake their head. According to the survey, 42.50 percent of women and 57.50 percent of men love to take selfie.