WhatsApp Pay will very soon be launch in India


WhatsApp’s Global Head Will Cathcart first came to Delhi In an event held in Delhi, WhatsApp Head and NITI Aayog Chairman Amitabh Kant were present. The focus of this event is on how WhatsApp is connecting people to WhatsApp India. Apart from this, WhatsApp Business was informed about the success.About Whatsapp Business Will Cathcart said that WhatsApp Business in India is growing rapidly. Small businesses are connecting with their customers via WhatsApp.

Along with this, WhatsApp Payment was also reported.During the conversation about WhatsApp Payment, Will Cathcart has said, ‘We have successfully launched a pilot on the UPI standard, and we are preparing to expand it.’Payments on WhatsApp to anyone with WhatsApp Payments will be as easy as sending a message. We are going to start this service in India this year.