Want to make money online from home? Special guidelines for newcomers


Currently, freelancing is a very important and discussed topic in the IT sector of the country. Freelancing is a billion dollar IT market. Where developed countries outsource to reduce the cost of work. Freelancing work includes simple tasks such as graphics design, web design, SEO, animation, video editing, programming and even data entry.

Basically, anyone can earn money by outsourcing as they have the facility to work anytime, anywhere. A student can earn a lot of money by freelancing in addition to his studies, an employee in addition to his job, even a housewife.

There are many reliable sites for providing freelancing services. These are called freelancing-marketplaces. Those who submit work on these sites are called buyers and those who do the work are called Freelancer. Many freelancers bid or apply for a job. Specifies who can do the job for how many dollars. The client chooses one or more freelancers from among them. Usually previous work experience, amount of money, previous job sample helps to get the job.

Being the largest outsourcing marketplaces in the world:

  1. Upwork.com
  2. Elance.com
  3. Fiverr.com
  4. Graphicriver.net
  5. ThemeForest.net
  6. PeoplePowerHour.com
  7. Freelancer.com

Upwork (Odesk) is the biggest platform to get work done easily, because at every moment buyers from different parts of the world are posting work on this site. Newcomers can easily earn by working on this site if you have an excellent profile and special work skills. In addition, Fiverr is a popular popular freelancing site of a different genre where newcomers can get jobs easily and quickly.

Pioneer Debit MasterCard, Bankware Transfer, MoneyBookers, PayPal etc. can easily bring the earned money to the country.