When you think West Bengal, you do not think about snow. However, North Bengal has morphed into a Winter Wonderland this year, with multiple destinations turning white with snow. Unfortunately, some of these places remain underrated by the public. Pack your bags and take a trip to these beautiful places this year.


Darjeeling experiences snow every year, turning this already beautiful place into a surreal sight. With the valleys turning white and the greeneries shrouding themselves with dewdrops, the scenery is lovely to wake up to. The winters are particularly busy in this town, with tourists flocking here with their friends and families for Christmas and New Year’s.


An underrated gem, Rimbik is considered to be even better than Darjeeling by some. It is popular for its alluring snow-covered roads and tourist’s sight playing with the snow, making it a fascinating location.


Similar to Lava and Lolegaon, Risop is a beautiful and small hamlet. It embodies British architecture’s spirit with its small, Victorian houses, which brighten up when laden with snow.


Most mountainous areas in Bengal receive scarce or erratic snowfalls. However, the small hamlets of Lava and Lolegaon are known for their proper snowfalls. People often reach these places from Darjeeling while trekking and book their stays to enjoy the snow. With the beautiful valleys and the view of the hills, it paints the perfect picture.


Sandakphu, being highest in altitude in Bengal, it is no stranger to snowfalls, especially during December and January. This destination is a popular trekking spot amongst tourists, attracting multiple trek groups for a scintillating hiking experience.