Visit Junput, if You Love Solitude


Subhasis Chatterjee: Located near Kanthi or Contai in the east Midnapore district of West Bengal, lies a place called Junput which I had the fortune of visiting a couple of days back. Calm, serene, tranquil and quite, it is the perfect place for you to visit if you are fond of solitude, away from the bustle of the city life. Junput is a fairly offbeat and an unknown beach destination. It is quite close to other, more popular sea-sides such as Digha and Mandarmani so, this place is not getting crowded with tourists anytime soon. Not very far from it is another underrated beach called Bankiput so visiting Junput simultaneously gives you an access to two untouched beaches and two very popular ones.

Things to do in Junput:

Since this is not a popular destination, it is not commercialized. As such, if you are looking for an adrenaline overloaded experience, there is not much to do in Junput. However, if you are looking for a laid-back, happy go lucky experience, this place can give you exactly what you need.


Tired of work? Tired of the same, mundane things every single day? Tired of being detached from nature? Visit Junput and relax on the beach, among the myriad of palm and casuarina trees. Listen to the songs of the waves hitting the beach. Befriend some crabs and birds. Detach yourself from your problems and attach yourself to the ocean. Fresh coconut water is also available throughout this region.

Fishing :

This is where you will come across river mouths that flow into the oceans. Thus, this is a splendid place for fishing. You can witness fishermen fishing with their huge nets. If you are fond of fishing yourself, this is a great place for you. Catch some fishes and roast them at night in the beach while you are surrounded by friends! Or maybe just for yourself if you are by yourself.

Visit Nearby Places :

There is a museum for Marine Biology located not very far from Junput. If you are interested in aquatic life forms and all things aquatic, you could take a visit to this museum. Kapalkundala Mandir (yes, the one Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay wrote about) is near Junput. If you are religious and a devotee of MaaKaali, you should definitely visit this temple. Another revered temple around this area would be the Jagannath Dev Temple. Lots of history and values are attached to this temple. Dariapur Lighthouse is a popular spot in this region because atop the lighthouse, you get a panoramic view of the place.


146 kms from Kolkata lies Contai and 9 kms from Contai lies Junput. Multiple buses leaving from Esplanade and Howrah can bring you to Junput. You could also avail railway services such as the Tamralipta Express which is a good, economical option for inter-district short distance travel. You could always travel by car if you are willing to hire a driver or drive yourself.


Junput Resort is one of the few resorts around this area. However, its services are quite good for its price and the rooms have air conditioning. Power failures could be a drawback.