Viral Soundarya Sharma for unbuttoned her pants !


Soundarya Sharma is a Bollywood actress and popular Indian model. She also did dentistry. Before leaving for Mumbai, she was a dentist at a hospital in Delhi.

Soundarya Sharma is born in Delhi. Study is also there. After passing her doctorate at the behest of her parents, she started practicing in Delhi.

But there was a bigger desire than medicine to become an actress. So in addition to studying medicine, she took training at the National School of Drama.

Soundarya Sharma was practicing in a hospital in Delhi when she came to Mumbai to audition for a film. However, as no one else in the family is involved in acting, it was very difficult to explain the matter to the parents, said Soundarya Sharma in an interview.

Her first film was released in Bollywood in 2015. The name of the film is ‘Meruthia Gangster’. However, the film did not have much success at the box office. Then in 2016 he got the opportunity to play the lead role in a thriller called ‘Ranchi Diaries’.

She received the award for ‘Best Film Debutant’ at the Jharkhand Film Festival for ‘Ranchi Diaries’. She also starred in Hollywood’s Gail Gadget’s ‘Wonder Woman 1974’.