Video of dance in DTC viral on social media, driver suspended


There was a furore after a girl’s dance video became viral in Delhi’s DTC bus. When the viral video on social media reached near the DTC bus’s management, the driver involved in this video was suspended.

The video of dance in DTC was viral on social media. In the video, the girl was doing dancing with the driver, conductor and martial on the song ‘Taro Aankh Ki Yo Kajal’, a song from Sapna Chaudhary.
This video shows that the girl was dancing in front of the passengers in the DTC bus. This dance video was shot. The video was made not just in the bus but also just outside the bus.

This video was made in the Janakpuri area of Delhi. When this video was checked, it was discovered that this video was made on July 12.
When this video approaches the management of DTC bus, the driver has been suspended. Martial was sent to the Civil Defence Office. The conductor was on contract, the answer was sought from him.