“Vandanais strong-headed and immensely caring homemaker” – says Pariva Pranati from Sony SAB’s Wagle Ki Duniya – Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey


How does it feel to be associated with Sony SAB? Tell us something about your character.

I am playing the character of Vandana Wagle in the show, and she is a strong-headed woman who is a homemaker and is taking care of her kids and family. She is the backbone of the Wagle family and enjoys a terrific relationship with her in-laws. She loves taking care of them and cherishes her bond with them. I am associating with Sony SAB for the third time and the feeling is overwhelming. It feels incredible to be a part of shows which promotehappiness, and such shows are really important in today’s world. Their shows emphasize on the importance of family, primary relationships in life and how important it is to co-exist with people in the same society. Wagle Ki Duniya is a show that talks about parents’ importance in our lives and is a unique combination of a well-written story with solid, strong characters. Since we have always met our parents regularly, knowingly, or unknowingly, we start taking the relations for granted and last year has been testing time for all of us. Those several months taught us a lot about every single relationship in our life. The show also revolves around this factor: our relationship withsociety members matters and what kind of value a smallrelationship holds in anyone’s life. It feels fantastic to be a part of this journey that tends to spread positivity to its viewers while making it a delightful ride for them.

What can the viewers expect from Wagle Ki Duniya this time?

I think the first season of Wagle Ki Duniya was about a common man’s struggle in this big-bad world, but this time it is about a simple man with high family values who never disrespectshis parents at any cost and,when necessary, becomesa parent to his parents as well. This is the equation that we are establishing in the show, and every person can relate to these feelings. Along with a bag full of emotions, we are exploring the issues that society faces and how judgmental we are towards some people without even considering the silent battles they fight each day. So, we are focusing on spreading happiness around and make people happy and content in their lives.

Please share something about your character Vandana Wagle. Do you relate to it?

Vandana Wagle is a positive, vibrant and a very fun-loving character. She beautifully manages all the duties of being a mother, a daughter-in-law, and a wife. I experience all the same emotions as her in my real life, so the character becomes very relatable to me in all aspects.From spreading positivity around, bringing the entire family together and accepting her in-laws and treating them like her own parents, Vandana Wagle does it all! This is the kind of equation that every daughter-in-law has to grow up to and also accept different relationships in her life and give them utmost importance.

Wagle Ki Duniya features three generations of the family. What are your thoughts on the importance of Joint family in today’s time?

I think the concept of the joint family emerged again after the testing times last year, especially because nuclear families were suddenly stuck, and everybody was worried about their parents. Our show is all about giving each other the required space and living together happily ever after, without over-interfering into anybody’s life but always being open for little interference from the parents.

Is there any kind of pressure coming back with one of the most loved shows in India?

It feels great to be a part of a show that the audience loves so much, and the characters have become a household name. I think Aatish Kapadia is one of the best writers today and he has done a fantastic job which has eases the pressure considerably. He explores family relations and values perfectly according to today’s scenario and with such a brilliant story, you thrive to perform better and make it more memorable for you and your audience.

How has been the experience of shooting for the show with the entire cast and crew?

The experience of shooting has been fantastic, and I really get along with everyone on the sets. We all know that Sumeet is a legend and along with him,we have two veteran actors Aanjjan Sir and Bharti Ma’am. It feels so good to watch them perform; we just sit and observe them carefully and watch their simple blink emanating so many emotions. This show is very special to me and the feeling of touching the hearts of millions of people is tremendous.

Any message to your viewers?

I will take this opportunity to thank my fans for continuously showering us with their immense love and support. “Wagle Ki Duniya”is a wholesome values-driven entertainment package, making television a happy place for the audience and spreading joy across three generations. In today’s world, I think we all need to be satisfied and give utmost importance to our happiness. So, stay tuned and join us on this enriching experience of bringing families together, leading to happier homes. Stay happy, stay healthy!

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