US is trying to control Damage of US President Donald Trump’s slanderous remarks on Kashmir


The United States is trying to control Damage US President Donald Trump’s slanderous remarks on Kashmir. An influential lawmaker has apologised for Trump’s “uncomfortable” remarks. Other lawmakers have also endorsed India’s position. In a meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan at the Oval Office of the White House, US President Donald Trump said that a few weeks ago, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had requested him to play an intermediary role in solving the Kashmir problem.

Trump said, ‘If it really happened to me, I would not object to being a mediator.’ In the words of the US President, ‘The matter was discussed with PM Modi a few weeks ago. He asked me, would you mediate? I ask what? That is when he speaks of Kashmir. ”Trump’s remarks have stirred a stir everywhere. Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar, however, made it clear that no such petition was made by Prime Minister Modi. Significantly, opposition Congressman Shashi Tharoor also tweeted, “I think Trump has no idea just what he is talking about. Alice Wells, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary to the United States, also tweeted, “Kashmir is a bilateral issue.” The Trump administration welcomes India and Pakistan for talks. America has agreed to help them. ‘ The same tone has been heard, even in the statement of the powerful House Committee on Foreign Affairs.