US (FTC) fines $ 5 billion on Facebook for data leak


Facebook fined $ 5 billion (about 3.44 trillion). Concerned about the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has announced that Facebook will have to pay $ 5 billion for settlement of privacy breach and Cambridge Analytica Scandal.
The Federal Trade Commission has accused Facebook of violating the law. The FTC has made several allegations on Facebook. These charges include lying on Facebook on Facebook, compromising with privacy, and sending advertisements through the phone number provided by the user for security.

The Federal Trade Commission alleges that Facebook has also lied about facial recognition from the user and this was not a default off. The FTC has not only made a fine on Facebook, but there are many things too. The FTC works to investigate the complaint made by the Consumer or the companies. These include fraud, misleading advertising.