Under the short dress is seen blue underwear, viral Nusrat Jahan


Viral Nusrat Jahan again, blue underwear can be seen under the short dress
At present in “Tollypara” the question is who are you Nusrat, Nikhil or Yash? Although the answer to that question is still elusive. On the one hand, social media is proving that the rift between Nusrat and Nikhil is clear.

On the other hand, Yash Nusrat’s Instagram profile is giving the logistics of love. Although these stars will be able to say whether Nikhil’s relationship with Nusrat will be right again or whether Nusrat will form a new relationship with Yash. However, in the midst of rumors of a breakup, Nusrat appeared on social media in a hot look.

Destination wedding Sareen Nusrat Jahan and Nikhil Jain on June 19, 2019 in Bodrum, far away Turkey. But before the beginning of 2021, there is a sudden rhythmic fall in the love story of the fairy tale. The rift in Nikhil-Nusrat’s marital relationship is now a hot topic. Because actor Yash Dasgupta has entered between Nusrat and Nikhil. Occasionally, Nusrat’s face-to-face photos with Yash can be seen on social media.

Rumors of Nusrat Jahan’s love affair with actor Yash Dasgupta have already caused a stir in Tollywood. For a long time, Nusrat’s Instagram has been completely inferior. Even on Nikhil’s Instagram, there are no new posts with Nusrat. But almost every day Nusrat is posting new pictures with Yash.

Although there was a storm in Nusrat’s life, she is said to be an actress. And so one of his responsibilities is to entertain the fans. And this time the actress performed her own responsibilities.

A hot picture of viral Nusrat on social media in the midst of a broken relationship. Nusrat posted a video on social media looking at the old Pickle amidst rumors about it.

Where the actress is going to be noticed in neon blue underwear. And on top of that quite a small cropped top, with jaggers. It can be said that watching Nusrat’s video forces you to fall asleep at night. Nusrat posted the video of the old photoshoot and wrote, ‘Tuesday joke’. Above is a very small cropped top, with jaggers.