The world’s smallest mobile phone


We think about how small a mobile phone can be. A phone brought by a British-based company into the market is called the smallest phone of the day.

The company made the same claim that it is the smallest phone in the world.

The phone is made by a company called Zanco. Named ‘Tiny T-2’. It is said that this is the company’s second small phone.

Earlier in the year a small size phone called ‘Tiny T-1’ was introduced in the market. This phone has responded well to Amazon.

‘Tiny T2’ is essentially the next version of ‘Tiny T-3’. The new phone is two decimal four inches long, one decimal 18 inches wide and zero decimal 65 inches thick. The tiny device weighs just 31 grams.

Amenities include – radio, zero decimal 3MP camera, Bluetooth, three decimal five mm audio jack and one inch TFT display.

Some games have already been installed on the phone. It also supports microSD card. And once the charge is charged, the phone can backup for more than a week. The price is not too high, only 130 dollars.