The world’s most expensive tea leaves ! 100 grams worth 15 million !


How much can a bag of tea leaves? When answering this question, most people will want to know the price of whole packet filled with 20 or 30 T-bags. If you know the price of a particular brand of T-Pack filled packet, then you can calculate the cost of one bag. According to the price of the packed T-Pack filled in the Indian market, the price of a T-bag is INR But what is the price of a T-bag made by British Tea Company ‘PG Tips’? 15,000 USD, in Indian currency which is equal to about 10 lakh 33 thousand rupees! This is the world’s most expensive T-Bag.

But what is the reason for this T-bag’s sky-high price? It has been known that the special T-Bag was made on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of PG Tips, Jewellers. This special T-Bag was created with a carefully careful hand, with a total of 280 diamonds in one hand for 3 months. Not to satisfy the wishes of the world’s most expensive tea, this t-bag is manufactured and sold by Manchester Child’s Hospital’s children for the help of the medical sector.