The voting was 74.06 percent, West Bengal is in first place on voting


In seven states, the highest number of votes were cast in West Bengal, in West Bengal. 74.06 percent of the votes cast in the state.

In the fifth phase, till 6 pm, the voting was 74.06 percent, the first in West Bengal in the voting

Polling for Lok Sabha polls in seven phases is going on throughout the country. On Monday, there was a fifth round of voting, 74.06 percent of the votes were cast. This estimate is until 6pm. As a result, when it comes to the final estimate, it seems to be a bit more.

In seven states, the highest number of votes were cast in West Bengal, in West Bengal. 74.06 percent of the votes cast in the state. Besides, 56.79 percent in Bihar, 17.07 percent in Jammu and Kashmir, 62.96 percent in Madhya Pradesh, 63.03 percent in Rajasthan, 53.32 percent in Uttar Pradesh, 63.99 percent in Jharkhand and 6.00 pm.

Polling was held in 51 Lok Sabha constituencies this day. These seats were spread across seven states of the country. There were seven seats in West Bengal. In all 99280 booths were voted on this day. And 81 percent of these booths were in rural areas.

Heavyweight candidates fought in a number of centers in the fifth phase. Among the most discussed centers are Amethi. Three-time Congress MP Rahul Gandhi BJP leader and Union Minister Smriti Irani fought against him. Smriti in 2014 also fought against Rahul in Amethi. But could not win. But compared to 2009, Rahul’s victory margin was reduced.

In addition, there was an eye on all the other centers in Uttar Pradesh. The center is in Lucknow. BJP’s Rajnath Singh won in 2014. The central home minister is still fighting there. And the Samajwadi Party candidate against him has made Poonam Sinha New faces in politics of politics. But his husband Shatrughan Sinha is known for Bollywood. He was also a BJP MP. The angry leader is fighting the Congress ticket from Patna Sahib.

Two heavyweights have faced the Jaipur village center in Rajasthan. One of them was Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, the medal winner of the Olympics. He is now the Central Sports Minister Another Olympian Krishna Punia is fighting for Congress against him.

According to the Election Commission sources, 69.51 percent of the voters exercised their franchise in the first four rounds. 69.50 percent in first phase, 69.44 percent in second phase, 68.40 percent in third phase and 65.51 percent in fourth phase.

At the end of the five-phase polls, 424 seats were allocated. Out of the 26 states and union territories, polling ends. There will be two consecutive elections. There are 119 seats in the remaining seats.

The total seats in the Lok Sabha are 543. Of these, 42 seats in West Bengal. Out of these 42 seats, five seats have been cast for 25 seats. The remaining two phases and 17 seats will be held.

The sixth round of voting will be held on Sunday, May 12th. Election will be held in 8 constituencies in West Bengal that day. In all, the elections will be held in 59 constituencies in the sixth phase. There are 59 Lok Sabha seats in the last phase. The last election for the seventh phase is May 19th. That day, 9 constituencies in West Bengal