The UTS Paperless Mobile Ticketing App for hassle free General Railway tickets


People had to get engaged in long line to buy General Railway tickets. Many times he missed his train or many times he used to ride in the train without a ticket. However, the Railways has now implemented the new rule from November 1. After this people will not have to sit in line to get tickets. This will save their time and will not leave the train as well.

The UTS Paperless Mobile Ticketing App has begun to relieve passengers from the hassle of buying a ticket on the counter (General) tickets. This will enable travelers to get tickets away from the railway ticket counter.
To take advantage of this feature, the download and registration process will be completed from the Play Store on Android Mobile. Passengers will have to select the paperless screen after logging the app to buy tickets. Tickets can be booked at a maximum distance of 5 km from the railway station and at a distance of less than 20 meters. It is compulsory for the passengers to confirm by showing tickets on their android mobile during the investigation.

Video Credit: Genron Tech