The second tattoo made by Arjun Kapoor, what’s the meaning ?


Arjun Kapoor, who has been continuously discussing due to romantic relationship with Malaika Arora, is now appearing in the headlines due to his new tattoo. Arjun shares pictures of tattoo on social media. There is a lot of talk about Arjun, Malaika, after the arrival of these photographs.

As soon as the pictures of Arjun’s tattoos came up, it was suggested that Arjun had tattooed Malaika’ name? The reason for these concoctions is also because Arjun made the first tattoo in memory of his mother. The tattoo of the mother’s name remains in the wrist of her hand.Arjun is in relationship with Malaika  these days, then the fans felt that this Tattoo would be of Malaika Arora name but it is not so. Arjun has written his Arm in Latin language in Per Ardua Ad Astra – English – From adversity to the stars, Hindi – “sitaro ki aur”