The poor chariot trains are going to close soon


The then Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav started the Garib Rath Express in 2006 to fulfill the dream of traveling to the AC trains of the poor. But now the present government is changing the poor chariot trains to Mail Express. That is, the poor chariot trains are going to close soon.

The Kathgodam-Jammu and Kathgodam-Kanpur Central Garib Rath, which was run by the North-Eastern Railway in the first place, has been converted into mail-express from July 16th, i.e. the cheap passage of the poor chariot has been stopped on this route.Actually, the railways say that the poor chariot bogies are stopped.

That is, the rebels running on the track are all about 14 years old. In such a way, the poorer charioteers will now be converted into Mail Express. Which has also begun.By changing the Garib Rath Train to Mail or Express Train, the fare of the train will be increased, which will stop the cheap journey of the poor chariot. There are some 26 poorer chariot trains in the country and everyone will be gradually converted into Mail Express.Tell us, there are 12 bogies in poor chariots and all 3AC coaches are there.

The number of coaches can be increased from 12 to 16 under the plan to convert these trains into mail trains. These 16 bogies will be the third AC, second AC, sleeper and general coach.It is noteworthy that in the year 2005 when Lalu Yadav announced to run the poor chariot trains, he was lauded, because a common man’s dream of traveling in the AC train