The government is seeking more information about users on Facebook


The request of the government of different countries to get information about users to social media has increased tremendously. In the first six months of this year, the rate of information seeking has increased by 5 percent.

This year, Facebook mentioned in its Transparency Report, that they have received 5,125,700 requests from the government, the highest since the report was launched in 20 years.

The report outlines what kind of requests a government of a country has made to Facebook. However, no account information is sought, it is not specified.

The Transparency Report states that the Bangladesh government has made five requests from January to June this year. Through this, information about 121 accounts was asked. The government made 5 urgent requests and 5 were requested in the legal process. Facebook responded to the government’s request and provided 5 percent of the information. Of this, 5 percent were given information on the urgent request and 20 percent in the legal process.

Earlier, the government had asked for 5 accounts information on 5 requests from Facebook from July to December. Of these, 5 and 5 urgent requests for legal information were sought from the government. Facebook authorities provided 5 percent of the information.

Facebook authorities publish the Transparency Report every six months. According to a Facebook report, the United States has requested the most from Facebook user information this year. They have received 4 thousand 5 requests from the country. In the United States, they provided information in 5 percent of cases

Facebook authorities say, despite government directives, they have been able to bring forward 4 National Security Letters (NSLs) for the first time. Facebook is unable to disclose information due to such directive on national security.

This year’s Facebook report says Facebook has been shut down 4 times in 5 countries around the world. In the last six months of last year, Facebook was shut down 4 times in 5 countries.

In addition, 10 million content has been removed from Facebook this year, which was 1 lakh in the last six months. Facebook removed content for violating Facebook policies.

Facebook added Instagram for the first time in its Transparency Report. They removed 1 million 3,000 content from Instagram.