The collapse of the stock market, Sensex is 600 points


Shares of the stock market in the beginning of the day. Sensex and Nifty, known as collapse in the open market on Monday. Sensex dropped 657.17 points to 35,016.08 points. On the other hand, the Nifty stood at 10,486 points after falling 207 points.

Analysts had already anticipated a collapse in the stock market. The danger was not unreasonable, it became clear in the market this day. Experts have blamed a number of reasons for this. One, the result of Assembly of five states. The results of Tuesday’s election will be out. Studies have shown that this time the wind was going on against the BJP. It seems to have influenced the stock market also.

Two, OPEC has started generating oil production since January. Crude oil prices have started to increase due to the lack of adequate supply to the international market. Three, the price of the dollar stood at 71 rupees 41 paise compared to the dollar. That’s the lowest since November 20. Therefore, the collapse of the money value is also one of the reasons for this collapse, experts say