Standing in the position of the government, question mark on top bank’s independence


The former Chief Financial Adviser is cautioning against handing up the reserve bank barn. It is clear that the objection to the use of money for the reduction of money or reducing fiscal deficit. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Director, it is important to give the liberty to manage the Reserve Bank to do the job properly. But after all this, the center that is virtually unsettling in its position, its clear reflection is in the words of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. Rather, he is asking counter-question about why a government elected to the Reserve Bank to discuss the problems of debt, and why it should be viewed as interference in regulatory independence.

The first board meeting of the top bank was held on Friday after former finance secretary Tuktikanta Das was made the governor of the Reserve Bank. According to the sources of the source, whether the new president has said that they want to settle the issues with the central bank on issues such as managing the Reserve Bank and sharing the stock. The thoughts of concerned people do not come in exchange for freedom.

Even though the board advised the management of the Reserve Bank, the governor and the deputy governors took a final decision. Loans Committee decided to fix interest. But the government has been floating in the air because it should be in charge of the board, in the hands of the board. In the same way, it is heard that a portion of the top bank’s huge reserves to deal with the sudden emergence of the economy, the center wants in the treasury. The pressure on the top bank is also about easing restrictions on the new lending of state-owned banks (PCA). According to many, it is clear that Jettoli’s words are clearly in the center position.