South Indian actress Amala Paul is in the limelight once again


South Indian actress Amala Paul, who is often in the news about her bold image, is in the limelight once again. In the past, his upcoming film (Aadai) trailer was released. As soon as the release was made, the trailer of this movie had been in tremendous headlines. The reason for this was that Amla Paul’s extremely intense Nude Seen in the film These scenes became very viral on social media. The dispute has increased gradually over this scenario and now it is accused of spreading obscenity. There has been a complaint in this case.

Movie Scene; AADAI

This complaint was given by Rajeshwari Priya, a political leader from Tamil Nadu.In the complaint, the film is accused of trying to spoil the bad and Tamil culture. After the complaint, Rajeshwari Priya said that I had also asked the DGP to take action against film makers because the Nude posters being used for the promotion of the film would also affect the children. They said that they are against the promotion of the film because it will see people of all ages and have negative effects on them.
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