Sony working on a phone with a 5K screen


Sony has been working on a phone with a 5K screen – the model number of the phone is J8220, probably it is the “Xperia 1R”. It can be called as “Xperia 2”, which we have been heard recently, although its design remains unchanged in most cases from “Xperia 1”, however the report of the screen is a 6.1-inch smaller display, compare to “Xperia 1”.

The new phone resolution is 5,040 x 2,160p. For comparison, the 6.5” screen on the “Xperia 1” has 1,644 x 3,840p. The new 5K screen will have 70% more pixels! 5K screen on a phone is total overkill. Considering specifically, Xperia has overlooked VR for now.