Skill Development : The Modern Need


Naimul Farhan: Skill is the hidden talent of a man. It varies from man to man. All don’t get the same skill. Actually skill is the synonym of talent. And developing ones latent talent is a serious need. There are some people who don’t find their unpublished skill. But those who know what they are expert of, shouldn’t abuse this talent. Skill development is mostly known in the sector of ICT. And the modern world is wholly ICT based. So, developing ones ICT skill is a must for keeping pace with the modern world. Nowadays, almost all the countries depend on ICT. So, the countries of the developed world are very much aware of the use of modern technologies. Countries which are ultra developed make their people skilled in the sector of ICT. Beside making their own people skilled, they selects the best skill developer of the developing or poor countries .The technology giants like- Google, Facebook, Apple etc give chances to the worlds best programmers or skill developer. 23% of USA‘s technology server are from Indian sub-continent. Again the big countries like- Russia, Britain, Canada etc. hire people from these developing or low income countries.

Skill development is mostly done by computer. Tech expert Bill Gates invented the Microsoft company which helps the ordinary people to develop their skills. The MS Word, MS Excel, Database programmes, Power point etc. are the basic things of a computer. But everybody can’t run it easily. A skill developer must know all these things like the lines of his hands. They must practise and practise for this. One day he will be successful. Actually prosperity begins at practising. Those who work hard to achive anything, has the most chance to get that thing. Nothing can be gained without hard work.

Our Bangladesh is a middle income country. Our population is more than our land area. So, Bangladesh is a densly populated country. As a result unemployment problem is a very big problem in this country. There are more youths than job oppurtunities. So, self-employment is a must in this country. The young people run after government job, but don’t get it, shouldn’t be hopeless. They can be self-dependent. And the best way to be self-dependent is to get oneself skilled in ICT. First of all, they have to know what is the need of ICT and what are the use of technologies. They must be aware of the demand of skill developer. As computers are becoming cheeper day by day, middle income families can afford a computer nowadays. But most of our young people abuse the computer and internet. They passes away their leisure period by watching movie or surfing on the internet, doing nothing. But they can use this time to make themselves worthy.

First of all, a man needs some eqipments to enlarge his skill. Computer is a must for primary skill development. To be skilled in common terms of computer, one can have a computer course or training from an expert. He also can read books on this subject.

Again who wants to be skilled in programming or freelancing, must have an internet connection on his computer. Internet is the pre-condition of being a programmer or freelancer. To learn this, one must have the general knowledge about what programming or freelancing is. Then he can learn it from internet. There are different channels on YouTube which produce the video of the learning method of programming. Again one can attend an online course to learn it. Besides, an expert well-known person can contribute in his learning.

Now, the point comes why skill development is necessary in a country like Bangladesh. Everyone knows that Bangladesh is a low lying country. Hence, it is a poor country. A large amount of people don’t get foods three times a day. Then how would they learn skill development and how it will be promoted in this country? The best way to promote skill development is, promoting it with the help of the government. The government is facing an unemployment problem in this country. Again the government can’t give job to all the youths. But they can create chances to make these youths worthy. As internet technology is increasing day by day, government must give importance to it. They can arrange some development programmes for the youths. They can make the youths skilled for free. Thus, how a person can contribute to the economy of his country as well as to his family earning.

At last, we can pray and hope that one day will come, when people will realise the importance of skill development. Then the parents won’t run to make their child a doctor or an engineer. People will understand this and will try to live a happy life by being skilled in the ICT sector. Thus, a person can lead a happy life through skill development and earn money for his family and renitence for the country. We can hope for a unemployment free country in the future with the blessings of the modern technologies.