Sherlyn Chopra asked for the legality of nudity in Indian films


Sherlyn Chopra, who is widely criticized by Naked herself on the cover of the playboy magazine, asked for the legality of nudity in Indian films.
She argued in favour of her claim that if she is not naked, she can not survive in the film media. If you want to stay in the media, you have to nude.

Many have succeeded in acting in the nude role in the film. I want to walk on that path too. I do not see anything bad as being naked, but I do not see anything bad. The news published in the online edition of various international media has been reported.

Meanwhile, critics think that Sherlyn Chopra’s speech is nothing new. She does not care about anyone. However, there are different objectives in her speech, many commented on it. Before that, Sherlyn Chopra presented herself in the film ‘Kammasruya 3D’, nude in front of the audience and came to the top of the discussion. And now it seems that this statement has been given to give legitimacy to the nudity.