Sexual robot horrible than the concept !


Along with the development of modern technology, it has started to be used in strange ways. Sexual robots are being created using modern robot technology, such as pornography has spread through the Internet.
Modern robotics is not a simple matter. With its help, many impossible tasks are also being simplified. Automatic automation of machines using robots. Automated production of industrial factories is being managed. However, this robotic robotic technology has attracted the attention of everyone. This technology is a human-made robot, whose work is only sexuality.

Many analysts believe that the future of such robots will increase further. Within a decade, such robots will become very common. As a result it will become part of everyday life of people using it.

Recently, a group of researchers from the University of London in a conference titled ‘Profit and Sexual With Bote’ in London said, ‘This sexual robot will kill a man once.’

Researchers conducted research on 263 men aged 18-67 years old. In the study, they show a video of two minutes of beautiful robot. Then they asked, whether they want to buy these sex toys now or in the next five years. There are 40.3% of the people who answer that they want to buy robots, that is, they add to this sexual robot.

Studies show that nearly half of people want to buy sexboat in five years.
Jessica Esjuk, of Germany’s University of Guysbourg Sean at the conference said, “Actually, I wanted to see what qualities of robot people were attracted to them. Today we use people with the same computer that I use. And our sympathy and empathy relationship with this computer is also made. But we do not have interpersonal relationships with computers or robots. “
The researchers also said that people suffering from ‘loneliness’ are more lean towards these sexual robots. They think these robots are like humans. So it is a matter of concern – maybe one day this sex life will be involved in killing people.

Dr. is a pioneer in the use of technology in sex. Trudy repeatedly He recently spoke about love and sex with robots in an international congress. He said, “It is only a matter of time for robots to become the main focus of the sex of the people.”

According to her, ‘couples will restrict sexuality among themselves in the future only for a particular day. Instead of sex with robot throughout the year. ‘

Currently there are some sexual robots coming to the market. One of them is named Rocky or Roxy. The women robot worth $ 7,000 is quite skilled in sex. Experts are referring to more such robots, experts say.

But the robots currently in the market are not only these, but in the future, there will be robots, which are believed to bring sex work differently, experts say. Robot technology is becoming more easily available. In the past robot technology is very expensive but it is no longer there.

Ricky Ma, a Hong Kong-based man, created a robotic robot like a star scarlet Johansen without any training to make robots, costing 35 thousand dollars. If such technology is further expanded, then people think that the stars will be able to get them on their bed. As a result, sex issues will not be the same as before.

Now women’s robots only available in the market for sex. However, it is believed that male robots will also be available in the market in near future. Analysts are thinking about what will happen in the situation.

Researchers have become increasingly interested in sexual robots because of their increased interest. They think, one day this sex robot can kill people.

Bendell, a researcher at the Applied Science and Art University of Switzerland, said, “The science of machine science should be questioned for the development of sexual robot. Because there are limitations of man’s sexual energy, especially in the case of men. But there is no physical limit on the robot. They can have sex continuously. So when people do not get along with them, they may be attacked on the people. And that situation will be very dangerous. ‘

He expressed further concern, “Sexual robots can attract people and lead them to astray. Moreover, experts are more concerned, one time people may not be able to leave the robot, nor can they use the robots properly. Because, then robots will become more powerful. So what people will know when it is a man-made instrument or robot; They can never be a substitute for human beings. ‘