Samsung Galaxy A30, a super mobile experience


Smartphone market in the country is becoming very competitive day by day Especially for middle budget, it is now the most popular. The reputed brands try to capture the market with a better configuration handset at a relatively lower price. In order to maintain their position in the competition, Samsung also unveiled several phones in the ‘M’ and ‘A’ series.

The South Korean brand called ‘Action Phone’ by calling Ready, Action, and Tagline Phone. In the continuation of this, Galaxy brings 30 models of handsets. From the experience of using the phone, let’s see how effective it is.

Phone Features
Hybrid SIM card slot
6 x 4 inch full hd super amoled display
Samsung’s own Exynos 7904 processor
64 GB storage
Android 9.0 pie
Uses up to 512 GB of memory card
USB Type C port
Fingerprint sensor
Double camera: 16 and 5 megapixels behind
16 megapixel selfie camera
Battery 4000 mAh

Even after the DesignPlastic body design, the phone will not be seen even though the novelty. Dual cameras setup and flash are at the top right corner. There is a fingerprint sensor on the right side of the camera just right. Volume up and down the power button and left hybrid SIM card slot. Bottom speaker, type C port and 3.5 mm headphone jack bitrate around the device is quite low. The phone weighs 165 grams It is available in the country’s prism black and prism blue paint.

The display features a 6.4-inch U-Infinity Time Ammoed Flower ADI Resolutions display. There will be much better experience in this. The color of the display is remarkable in this budget. The use of sunlight due to amolodel display does not have to be too much problem. The TierDrop nach enhances the beauty of the phone’s display.

In the 30 models of PerformanceGalaxy, Samsung has used their Xinose series 7904 processor, with 4GB of RAM. Its CPU type is Octa Core. Although this configuration is convenient for medium users, those who are playing FulAid gaming on mobile will have to get a lot of speed. Performance can be done without the need of general users to retrieve the necessary tasks with multitasking. It has a single and multi-core score of 1318 and 4103 points in the GCB benchmark test. There are 16 megapixel main Ensara ultra wide lens and a 5-megapixel dual-camera setup and Flash.

The two apertures of the camera are F / 1.7 and F / 2.2 respectively. The Ultra Wide Lens is capable of taking up to 123 degree angle similar to Samsung’s ‘S’ series. The F-2.0 aperture 16-megapixel camera is available to take the shelf. Camera UI adds some customized features, including auto cellphones, to Samsung, which will give users a great experience.

Battery Division has 4,000mAh battery. It can be called high power battery. Once in a while, the usual use of charging will be easily run. The 15-watt “C to C” type charger has been used, which will charge the phone a lot faster. The phone is available at a price of 15490 rupees in Indian Market.

You can buy from amazon also.