Salman Khan, the producer of “The Kapil Sharma show”, has given a suggestion to Kapil Sharma.


Salman Khan, the producer of The Kapil Sharma show, has given a suggestion to the star comedian Kapil Sharma that he will not be in any kind of controversy. It is known that after the controversy with Sunil Grover, Kapil Sharma’s career was heading towards a gradual decline. Neither their shows were going to hit, nor did their former popularity remain. In such a way,  then superstar Salman Khan ready for the help of Kapil .

Salman Khan took over the production of The Kapil Sharma Show and the entire family of Salman reached the episode only before the show. . Salman Khan not only hit the show of Kapil Sharma but Sunil Grover also made his film work more popular than ever before in Bharat.