Salman-Amir-Shahrukh Khan is sitting in an emergency meeting !


Three Khan have been reigning in Bollywood for three decades. They were found to be one of the hits, superhit cinemas, love visitors, love and confidence. But that love is now threatening. The fans of the box office fans can not believe their failure in any way. And that’s why Salman-Amir-Shahrukh Khan is sitting in an emergency meeting.

Already three of the three Khan have come to the negotiation for a new reason. That’s a secret meeting! Recently Amir and Salman were seen in the heart of King Khan. Amir and Salman came to Mannat, chat started in the evening, until 8 o’clock in the morning. And after that many rumors are being heard in different groups.

Besides, Bollywood celebrities always have a different interest in the relationship between the three famous Bollywood actors. Their fans always look forward to seeing these three people in a film. Several times the announcement has been made to make movies about this trio. They remained as empty voices.