Roll with the trend of ice-cream rolls at Xisokrim


In school, you are taught that India experiences five distinct seasons each year, namely, spring, summer, monsoons, autumn, and winter. But, if you live in Kolkata, you have probably experienced ten months of summer with rainy summers during the middle of the year, with only December and January having a bearable climate. To make things harder, the humidity does not help either. However, there is nothing that cannot be made better with some scoops of delicious ice-cream, which explains the demand for ice-cream joints in the city.

While scrolling through your social media, you often bump into videos of people who look like they are chopping ice-cream, and then they spread it thinly to make rolled slices while serving. If you’ve felt massively intrigued by such videos and wondered how countries abroad have such cool and fancy mechanisms when it comes to dessert, you have manifested your wish into reality for Kolkata’s very own Xisokrim offers rolled ice-creams in a small tub to its customers.

Forget about the age-old, boring, and conventional styles of ice-cream that are served in scoops and experience newer, quirkier types of desserts to add some spark to your ice-cream experience. Located near South City, in Prince Anwar Shah Road, you can head over to Xisokrim to witness the process of beating, spreading, and rolling ice-cream into rolls. Record the process on your phone and upload it on your socials if you want your friends and followers to be intrigued as well.

Xisokrim offers a vast menu to its customers, with a range of chocolaty and fruit flavours. The chocolate-based flavours such as Don’t Worry Be Happy, Starry Night, To the Moon and Back, Everything Will be Alright, and The Brownies Therapy are unique with individually unique ingredients such as Oreos, Ferrero Rocher, and Nutella. The fruity flavours are even more expansive than the chocolate-based ones. Some recommended flavours are Kiwi Kiwi, for those who love kiwis. Woberrylicius is prepared with strawberries, wild berries, and blueberries, offering its customers an ecstatic berry blast. Chilli Guava Pataka and Hot Chilli Kiwi are two offbeat flavours, blending desserts with a kick of spicy to enthrall multiple senses at once. Xisokrim also offers four special flavours such as Fire Paan, A Cuppa Coffee, the pure caramel infused You Deserve Better, and Butterfly Effects that come with exotic butterscotch.

The ice-creams are reasonably priced, ranging from Rs. 160 to Rs. 210.

Address: 369, Lake Gardens, Prince Anwar Shah Road

Timings: 1 pm to 4 am

Pricing: Rs. 350 for two