Return of Vijay Malia to India, another success came to the Modi government


There was no barrier to the return of Vijay Mallya to India. British court rejects Mali’s return to India The British court welcomed the decision. However, Malia will have the opportunity to appeal this verdict in High Court. A team of CBI and EDI jointly led by A Sai Manohar, joint director of the CBI, who had left for London to return to Malaysia, was released.

Note that Vijay Malia was arrested in London a year ago. After that, the trial of the Malaysian court began in December last year in the Magistrate’s court. Claiming that India should return, Malia complains that there is no healthy jail in this country. Special jail for Malaysians was also promised assurance from India. Experts say that India’s pressure on the diplomatic level is strong, and the prospect of a verdict in favor of the return of Malawi is strong. Do you understand that the idea of ​​paying 100 percent loan to Malia? Whatever the speculation, if Modi can return to the country before the Lok Sabha elections, the Modi government seems to be getting more oxygen in the political arena.