RAP star Nicki Minaj is going to Saudi Arabia


Nicki Minaj is coming to Saudi Arabia. She will perform at a cultural festival in Jeddah at the end of this month. The organizers of the festival have already started selling tickets confirming the arrival of Nicki Minaj. However, it is only available to adults who are more than 16 years old.

It is said in the news that the conservative Saudi Arabia is coming out of the conservancy sheets to face future challenges. As part of this, the country has taken several steps in recent years. Meanwhile, the announcement of the opening of the movie hall and the Halal nightclub gave birth to a wide range of discussions around the world. Recently, the announcement came from the world’s famous celebrity pop star Nicki Minaj, who is coming to Jeddah Cultural Festival.

On Wednesday, the Saudi organizers organized a press conference to announce their arrival. They confirmed that the rap star coming to their festival on July 28.

The full name of Nicki Minaj is Anika Tania Maraz. He is famous for appealing and extremely tactical image. She is always seen to create sexually suggestive music videos. The same image can be seen in his live concert. Most of the songs of Nicki Minaj are related to sex and empowerment of women. According to Saudi law, the concert will be alcoholic. It will be held at King Abdullah Sports Stadium. Saudi Arabia has introduced an opportunity for faster electronic visas for those who want to participate in this event.

Saudi media said this event will be shown live on MTV. In addition to Nicki Minaz, the British music star Liam Paine and US DJ Steve Aoki will take part in more. The photographs of all of them were displayed on Wednesday’s press conference. After their announcement, there were mixed reactions in social media. Many Saudi people have expressed their happiness and tweeted this announcement. Many people have also been criticized by the Saudi government’s two-pronged policy.

The Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman has announced the future of the country’s economy and the country has created many recreational areas. With this goal, in April of 2018, Riyadh lifted the ban on cinema after 35 years. In the meantime, the announcement of the construction of the modern cinema hall across Saudi Arabia has also been announced for the big market of the movie. In the last few months, many world renowned stars have concerted in the country. In the meantime, Enrique Iglesias, The Black Eyed Pius, Scene Pal, DJ David Geeta and Teesto. The international stars, who have filled the entire city with high sound in the concert.

Saudi Arabia has unveiled new innovations And you can take part in all women over 16 years. Although there are still many conservatives in the country, the situation has improved slightly since last year. This year, for the first time, Saudi women get approval for driving. At the same time, women can now go straight to the stadium or watch any sports event directly.