Ranbir and Deepika on the path of separation !


Bollywood star couple Ranbir Singh and Deepika Padukone. They were able to form a romantic marriage at the end of the year. But five months of marriage are not heard in Peru, they are walking on the path of separation.

It is known that Deepika is missing the mood in the strange tunes of Ranbir. The trouble between husband and wife reached such a stage that the actress had left the set of movies.

Besides, Deepika is worried about the taste of Ranbir’s clothes. The actress told publicly that she did not like the selection of Ranbir’s clothes alone. Moreover, like the clothes that Ranbir is wearing, Deepika’s public image is being lost in public. And Deepika, who is also disturbed by Ranbir’s move to promote the film, is also disturbed. After thinking that after marriage, everything will be settled together, but where else? However, there is no statement from Ranbir-Deepika about the separation.