Rahul Bose is surprised to see the bill of 2 Bananas !


Bollywood actor Rahul Bose is shooting a movie in Chandigarh this time. Rahul was staying in a magnificent hotel in the city to shoot this film, but a hotel bill surprised of  Rahul. Rahul Bose, sharing a video on social media, and  said how a two banana bill in a luxurious hotel is Rs 442.

Rahul Bose shared a video, in the video he is saying that who says that fruits are not harmful for your life? I was staying in a five star hotel due to the shooting. Here after the workout I order two bananas for food. A bill was also introduced along with banana, in which two bills were leased to GST and Rs 442.
Rahul has expressed displeasure on the banana ban in the hotel.