Quotes for Holi from Sony SAB Artists


Bharati Achrekar aka Radhika Wagle from Wagle Ki Duniya:
“The festival of Holiis about colours and delectable dishes. I enjoyed playing this festival during my childhood and celebrated it very enthusiastically. ‘PuranPoli’ is my favouriteHoli dish. I believe we should celebrateHoli with natural colours and respect people’s choices. This year, I will be shooting, and due to the current scenario, I will not be playing Holi.”

Manish Wadhwa aka Amal Nanda from Hero – Gayab Mode On:
“India has different festivals all across the year and the festival of Holi deserves special mention. This festival is about colours, delicious dishes and spending time with your near and dear people. I prefer playing Holi with gulaal and enjoying sweet dishes like Jalebi and Rabdi. It makes me happy when I see my family, especially my kids enjoying this festival. I believe the festival of Holi is an excellent opportunity to end enmity and give a fresh start to new friendships. This year, the Holi will be slightly different, and I suggest everyoneto be at home with their family and play Holi with proper precautions and serve the save water agenda.”

Megha Chakraborty aka Garima from Kaatelal & Sons:
“Holi is a fun-filled festival of colours with loads of delicious delicacies. The most beautiful thing about this festival is the colours and out and out vibe. During my childhood, I used to play Holi with my cousins and I miss celebratingHoli that way now. Gujiya is my favorute Holi dish. This year, the Holi will be a little different from the past few years, keeping in mind the current situation. It’s time that we become extra conscious and careful. For all my fans, I have a special message this year, as I urge all my fans to celebrate this amazing festival from the comfort of their homes and if possible, also try celebrating it virtually.”

Gulki Joshi aka Haseena Malik from Maddam Sir:
“Holi is the festival of colours and it brings a lot of fun and excitement with itself. Every year, I plan an excellent Holi party and enjoy it to the fullest. I have played all sorts of Holi during my childhood- be it either throwing eggs or balloons filled with colours on strangers. My Holi meal is incomplete without Kheer Poori, Aloo Ki Sabzi and Achaar. This year’s Holi will be different since most of my friends are not here, and the Holi party will include only my close family members. We should use organic colours this year as it does not harm skin, enjoy but be considerate towards other people and their mood. Also, staying safe this Holi is very important.”

Yukti Kapoor aka Karishma Singh from Maddam Sir:
“Holi is my favourite festival because I love colours. During Holi, throwing balloons and using water-guns gives me extra fun and thrill level. Colours are vibrant and bring a positive vibe to us, which changes all negativity. I feel Holi vanishes all sorts of negativity from our hearts and the next day brings a fresh start to our lives. During my childhood, my brothers used to throw me in a water tank and we used to play Holi all around the clock. The Holi celebration is unfinished without having Poori and Chole. This year, my Holi would be a lot more fun as I am travelling to Jaipur – my hometown to spend the day with my parents and brothers. So, this year let’s be more careful, cautious and safely celebrate Holi.”