Nargis is now in California with her friend !


Rockstar film to make her work in Bollywood in 2011. She was the heroine of Ranbir Kapoor. She won the Filmfare Award for Best Debut Actress in the first film. But then she was seen singing items in some films, but she was not seen acting in any big film like that. Nargis loves to model all the time. She has done a lot of work there..

However, Nargis is very active on social media. She shared the photo on her Instagram profile. She was also seen sharing photos of the photoshoot.

This time Nargis spread the mud all over her body and shared the picture. With her dear friend. But why did she suddenly rub the ground ? Every picture of the actress in a bikini-clad body is different.

She is doing detox by rubbing soil on her body and applying sun on her body. Posting this picture, she wrote, ‘Everyone should detox in their life from time to time.

Pink bikini dress, dirt on the body. Fans are fascinated to see such Nargis. Everyone is full of praise.