My heart is broken: Sana Khan


It has been two months since the marriage, but former Bollywood actress Sana Khan is upset. She herself shared the sad story on his Instagram account. Sana alleges that her negative video has been being made for some time. I haven’t lost patience for so long. But Sana is very sad to see a video.

Sana wrote on Instagram that some people have been making negative videos about me for several days. I have not lost patience for so long. But this time she has made a video about my past, and it is being talked about nonsense. Don’t you know that it is a sin to insult a person after he repents? My mind is broken.

It is to be mentioned that Sana Khan has left the world of entertainment a few days ago to follow the path of religion. At that time, he requested through social media that no one else should offer her a job.

Shortly after the announcement, Sana married Maulana Mufti Anas Sayed, a resident of Surat, Gujarat. She posted the picture of the wedding on social media and said, “I have been able to love each other for the sake of Allah. I was able to get married by the grace of God. May Allah keep us in this world and the hereafter together. ”