Monali Thakur viral on Instagram


Monali Thakur has been named in the list of popular music artists of the country. She has already gifted the audience with thousands of songs and occasionally releases albums but the song is crazy that Monali Thakur but occasionally sings in a hotel room or sometimes while going to a party with friends.

However, apart from singing, the singer also has another special hobby and that is to go out when the time comes, sometimes abroad and sometimes in different parts of the country. Sometimes in the mountains, sometimes on the plains or sometimes on the beach, this is how she suddenly went out to the sea.

When she went there, she was caught in a swimsuit, not a bikini. Singer Monali Thakur posted a picture there and wrote in the caption, then it happened, she fell down after her swimsuit because she could not resist the call of the sea.

Not only that, but she also wore a short dress and soaked the blue water of the sea. She posted the picture on social media and wrote that she went to the sea without any plan. Despite mentioning the name of the place, the picture she posted on social media suggests that she flew to Dubai for a holiday.

With just one day to go before the start of the new year, it is thought she may be celebrating the new year in Dubai. And you will enjoy the end of the year, so the beautiful singer Monali Thakur has posted some pictures while sipping wine in a restaurant in Dubai.

Singer Monali Thakur doesn’t like to tell fans about her personal life, but in the lockdown, she suddenly reveals that she was married to Mike Richter a year ago. All his followers were shocked to hear that. But everyone knows that Mike is an established businessman in Switzerland.