Miss Deaf World becomes the first Indian Girl “Vidisha”


Vidisha made preparations for this competition in Gurgaon and Noida. They have also represented India as an International Tennis player. Due to injury in the back, she decided to separate from tennis and decided to take part in beauty. Vidisha Baliyan of Uttar Pradesh has won the Miss Deaf World 2019 title. This beauty contest was held in Bombay, South Africa. Vidisha is the first Indian to win this beauty pageant. 21 years old Vidisha is deaf, she is a resident of Muzaffarnagar and she is a Modeling student of the Asian Academy of Film and Television.

The final round of this competition was attended by 11 finalists from 16 countries. After Vidisha, South Africa was a contestant on the second number. Vidisha’s hearing capacity is very low. She looked very excited after his victory and he shared many photos on Instagram. She wrote in the caption of a picture that winning the competition is like dream coming true. There are so many people who have lost their ability to listen but they are highly talented and dare to do the occasions.