Mira Rajput’s Jim Slipper has a price of Rs 34,450


Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Rajput is no less than a celebrity. she his to fashion sense is always in Limelight. gym  or  in the event  she  seen  of always best fashionable  look . Recently, Meera was spotted out of the gym.
During this, Mira Rajput appeared in the track colour and black colour of the painted green colour in the colour paint. With this look, she has wear  a black colour flip flop slipper pair.

Meera’s slipper remained in the discussion. According to the news, the price of Mira Rajput’s gym Slipper is worth Rs 34,450. Mira Rajput’s gym Photo is featured on social media.
Mira Rajput goes to the gym daily. She has takes full care of his health. His husband Shahid Kapoor also sweats a lot in the gym. Her Jim Look  very hits on social media.