‘MD Desi Rockstar’ left everyone speechless with his recent release ‘PARDES’


The Haryanvi Music Industry has become the fastest-growing musical industry in India. The industry is giving us one of the best entertainer singers who are winning the hearts of millions in India and abroad. Haryanvi Singer Manoj Davan aka MD Desi Rockstar is one of them, who has given many blockbuster songs in the past few years. The emerging young artist of the Haryanvi music industry MD Desi Rockstar’s new song “Pardes” produced by Suresh Bhanushali & Photofit Music Company. Photofit Music has given out several beautiful cinematic pieces of art in the regional language. MD Desi Rockstar has mostly sung songs on desi beats till now and gained success from his pure desi style and singing. This time he is bringing the new side of his singing talent that has left his lakhs of fans speechless with his soothing performance in the new single ‘Pardes’. The song is about separation, struggles, mother-son relationships, and exceptional memories with Family. MD Desi Rockstar says that ‘I have performed this song in many countries, and interacted with people far away from the country about how difficult their situation was and how much they miss their family, especially their mother. At that time I had decided that I would definitely make a video for this song and convey the feelings of those who live away from their families.

He further added, “As soon as I showed this song to Suresh Bhanushali Ji, he got emotional and he immediately said that this song will be released under Photofit Music Company, and with him, the connection was so positive that I was able to sing the song under the banner and ready to release. MD Desi Rockstar, doing his best, has managed to stir the hearts with his outstanding expressions, his transformation is undoubtedly worth applause and Dons The Director Hat For The Music Video.

On Directing the video MD said, ‘I thought that I faced the people and felt their emotions who have been away from mother and family and see their struggles closely, So I could justify with the song completely if I will direct it’. Regional music has developed dramatically on streaming stages in the past couple of years generally because of more profound versatile broadband entrance and the ascent of nearby geniuses. There have been songs that have broken unexpected records. One such Utterly beautiful song “Pardes ” is brought to you by Suresh Bhanushali and Photofit Music Company.

Sung by MD Desi Rockstar, the song has powerful verses written by ‘Filmy’ with musical harmonies by music director ‘Ghani Musics’ making this track an unmistakable number. Released under the label Photofit Music and produced by Suresh Bhanushali the song has been directed by MD Desi Rockstar himself. The splendid project was headed by Mr. Rajiv John Sauson, taking this Haryanvi song “Pardes” by Photofit Music Company, higher than ever with 360-degree strategy implementation and making it a consistent move.

Finally, the MD says, ‘All I wanted to say to all my fans is, ‘Do whatever makes you feel good and make your parents feel proud of you, ‘Pardes’ to all those common people. And for the mother-son relationship which is far from them. The song was released on 26th November 2021 on Photofit Music Company’s official youtube page. “Pardes”, produced by Suresh Bhanushali and Photofit Music Company was shot beautifully, and seeing it no one will be able to hide their tears.

The record label, Photofit Music Company has produced several major hits, Since blast-from-the-past, the Haryanvi song “Ankhya ka Kajal” and other Hindi songs like “Chand”, “Ganpati Bappa Morya”, “Teri Patli Kamar” Produced by Mr. Suresh Bhanushali and Photofit music company, is an expression of music which has been reinstated into the DJ song playlist because of their catchy lyrics and electrifying music, But this new Haryanvi song “Pardes” depicts all of the emotions and breakdowns that a young boy goes through his struggles in life while away from his family.