Madness we drove from Calcutta to Darjeeling


Amrita Biswas: There has been love on the hill since childhood. You can say madness. With that madness we drove from Calcutta to Darjeeling. From the Batasia Loop in Darjeeling I saw the glittering Kanchenjunga. That scene is wonderful. I am looking with two eyes and trying to feel in his mind the enormity of it. I am surrounded by a fascination of wonder and fascination.After spending some time, we visited the Darjeeling Zoo. I liked Darjeeling Zoo from Kolkata Zoo very much. There is a Royal Bengal Tiger. Huge big. Lots of animals including red panda, leopard, cheetah.

Occasionally there is a gust of cloud at the top of a pine tree. Then we went sightseeing first to see the Japanese Temple, Peace Pagoda, Batasia Loop, Gangamaiya Park, Rock Garden, Orange Valley Tea Garden, Ropeway, Tenzing Rock etc. As evening falls, all around Darjeeling, all the hills are slowly beginning to touch the embrace of the clouds. How the alleys of Darjeeling become enchanted in the evening light, the light becomes more mysterious in the midst of darkness.

Back at the hotel, I had a nice chat, had a quick dinner and went to sleep. The next morning I woke up to the sound of rain. I ran towards the mall with my umbrella over my head. I have been longing to see the rain in the mountains. Today it is fulfilled. The foggy wet road of Darjeeling Mall is like a dream highway. How many memories are there across this road.

Again we took the road surrounded by fog and clouds and went to the border view point. The surrounding environment looked quite beautiful while drinking tea while watching the view.