Live Your Fairytale, a short film by Arsala Qureishi & Jas Sagu, starring Maleesha Kharwa is out now!


There are no actors in this film but people living a different day in their lives. ‘Live Your Fairytale’ is a short film about the magic of kindness, empathy and the triumph of human spirit without it being maudlin, naive, and saccharine. Directed by Arsala Qureishi (Angry Indian Goddesses) & Jas Sagu, ‘Live Your Fairytale’ is a non- manufactured observationist cinema. The film without degenerating into sentimentality depicts a different day when five children who reside in a Mumbai slum experience eating in a restaurant for the first time in their lives. Twelve-year-old Maleesha is single handedly destroying patriarchy and enabling change as she paves the way for equality and economic freedom in her family and community.

The story is a metaphor for hope, manifestation and the power of dreams in ‘New India’ and a ‘New World’.

Directed by the dynamic duo, Arsala Qureishi & Jas Sagu, the short film is out now on Maleesha’s YouTube channel.