Kya mool avashyaktaon ka na milna dega naye kranti ko chunauti?


Digital Desk : Babasaheb stood firm against several oppressions faced during his growing up years. The fight for equality is one of the most prominent ones. The upcoming episode of &TV Ek Mahanayak Dr B.R. Ambedkar will have yet another hard-hitting incident. Ramji Sakpal (JagganathNivangune) and his family will be subjected to severe oppression, and their community will be deprived of clean drinking water, a necessity for survival. In such a scenario, how will Babasaheb (AayudhBhanushali) and the villagers cope up with the water crisis and find a resolution to this problem? Says Jagannath Nivangune, “The real struggle began with Babasaheb unifying the victims of caste discrimination and leading them in their fight for survival. Every individual has the right to basic needs and seeing people in his village getting deprived of even access to clean water sowed the seeds of the reformation in young Bhimrao’s mind. It is a dire situation and will put the entire community into jeopardy and leave them fighting it out for survival.”

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