Knight Riders was not a happy family at any time


At the moment, Shahrukh is also concerned about his anger or agony. Knight Riders was not a happy family at any time. When Sourav Ganguly did not clash with coach John Buchanan. The story of disagreements between the captain and the owner did not remain hidden. After three years of trophy, Gautam Gambhir was made captain by ignoring the auction in the auction. But KKR has not hesitated to trim Gambhir, who won the IPL twice. But this time, the signs of the knight’s fragmented pieces are never so prominent. Sample? Sunil Narine is going with captain Karthik in the field. Andrew Russell is outraged by the public journalist’s meeting, against the captain. The team management is criticizing the decision. There is no doubt that captain Kartik has lost support in the team.

Most of the time he took his account with the Caribbean group of the team. However, there are two best match winners in this group. Russell and Narain Over the years Narain is the number one weapon of the Knights. Now Russell has taken that place. He has scored 510 runs in 14 matches in this IPL. 52 six The captain of the KKR chief, with the foreigners who are not completely fooled, those pictures have been caught repeatedly.

A section of the team that could not be pleased with the importance of Kartik’s personal coach Abhishek Nayar as well as the news of the news of the incident. The responsibility of KKR Academy was handed over to Nayar. Knights ‘mentor’ was made by him. He is also close to one of KKR camp top brass. Complaint, in many cases, the importance of Kartik and his personal coach and knight mentor’s decision prevailed without taking the importance of Russell or Narine’s wishes. After the premature departure of the contest, the question is being raised, did the decisions have been very favourable for the team?