KBC winner has planted more than 70 thousand plants


Sushil Kumar, the fifth season of the famous reality quiz show of “Kaun Banega Crorepati” , has now become a celebrity of Champaran. Some time ago, the campaign for the tree planted by him has now taken a huge turn. Indeed, by putting more than 70,000 trees in a year, Sushil has now made a new identity except KBC winner.

This is Sushil Kumar who won 5 crores in KBC’s fifth season 2011. Their identity was so far as KBC winner, but now in the last one year they have made another name by planting Champa plants in Champaran land.
Sushil has planted about 70 thousand Champa plants in Champaran of Bihar and has been engaged in the campaign of planting of peepal and banyan plants nowadays.