It’s a Short Story about an 8 years old boy : Nisongo Bondhu


It’s a Short Story about 8 years old boy. Actually the title itself describes the twist of the story, it says -“Nisongo Bondhu”. ‘Nisongo’ it’s a Bengali word which means ‘lonely’ & ‘Bondhu’ means ‘friend’. Thus, the Title says ‘Lonely Friend’. But the two words, lonely & friend is ironical as one cannot be lonely while having friend.

But it’s actually an unusual thought of a young boy, who fantasizes, a virtual situation which actually results out of his disgust, frustration and agony due his house arrest for such a long-time during lockdown. To know the rest of the story, one should watch the full movie at RKAV Motion Picture’s YouTube Channel. 

Video by : RKAV Motion Pictures

The Concept which has been conceived by Debopam Kundu who himself has done all the technicalities including Story, Script, Cinematography, Editing, DI (Colorist), Sound design, Graphics, Poster design & Direction.

The entire Movie has been shot in a smart phone. And we recommend all parents should watch this movie, who are facing their child’s frustration due to the same reason. They will fall in love with the film.

The main language of the movie is Bengali, which is in the 7th position in the list of most spoken language in the world, however if anybody who doesn’t understand Bengali, He/She can watch this movie as it is streaming with English sub-title. Actually the subject of the movie shall relate to each and every parent, specially, those who are having children in the age group of 8 to 12 years.